Twistedz are the delicious combo chew that twists Real Chicken, Real Beef and Real Pork around American Beefhide to create a tasty natural chew all dogs will love. Twistedz chews are a safe natural product that contains no corn, wheat or soy and are preservative free. These chews are 99% digestible. Twistedz chews are produced in our state-of-the-art GFSI certified facility.

These chews are available in four fun shapes wrapped in Real Chicken Meat, wrapped in Real Beef Meat, or wrapped in Real Pork Meat.

ITS Program

Inspected • Tested • Safe

Each bag of Twistedz comes with a labeled lot number that you can use to see the test results. Twistedz are tested for any harmful pathogens prior to being shipped. Use this documentation to make informed decisions on the best chew for your dog.

The unique package code will link to independent testing documentation.

Our Pet Factory Twistedz are available in a premium printed stand up, re-sealable bags. Each bag are designed to stand freely or to be pegged. They come in two sizes.

Small Bags: Bones, Twist Sticks, and Chip Rolls

Large bags: Large rolls

Twistedz are traditional American Beefhide chews wrapped in real meat. Each shape, bones, twist sticks, chip rolls and large rolls, all come wrapped in either delicious real beef, chicken or pork.

A great solution to help sell and merchandise products. Our expert sales team is ready to help you choose the perfect mix of products to improve sales for your market and your awesome customers. Twistedz displays are available in a 16″ size containing 48 pieces. We offer varieties based off flavor, shape, or combinations of both.