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CareChewz are 100% collagen, a healthy choice for a daily chew that provides your dog with a long-lasting, safe chew that combines excellent dental care and the benefits of all-natural collagen from beefhide. Made entirely in the USA with only USA collagen from beefhide. This is important, as most of our competitors’ products are made from hides supplied from other parts of the world; that may not be as regulated or certified facilities.

Dog and Puppy smiling and sitting
  • Only one ingredient beef collagen
  • Offers a calming effect, and reduces anxiety.
  • Easily digestible
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath
  • Strengthens joints and soft tissue
  • Reduces plaque and removes tartar
  • Promotes healthy coat and strong bones
  • Exercises the mouth and jaw

Digest-a-Boost, a bio-availability blend, is added in the preparation process, provides an increased digestibility after chewing that is gentler than other alternative chews.

CareChewz® Mini Rovers create a more sustainable planet one chew at a time.

Maximize raw material use • reduces waster in landfills • saves time and resources in production

all natural with no preservatives • MINI chews with a MAX impact!

Certified more than 99% digestible
All Made in the USA From USA Beefhide