100% Made in USA Beefhide

Very pleased with the products and my dogs loved the chews very good rewards for hard days of learning.

Kaylee & Branch and Kobe
Kona loves these rolls. She gets one every evening. They are just her size and I have never had a problem with stomach issues. Your company has get products and I recommend to other people that have fur babies.
Diane & Kona

I have loved the products and they love them.

Margo & Mauer, and Evie
I am very happy with the rawhide chews from the Pet Factory and I highly recommend them. First, they are quite competitively priced, which is important to me as with 3 dogs we plow through them quickly. I am also very impressed with the rawhide quality. The chips are the perfect size and fairly thin, which allows my retrievers to enjoy several a day. I have given my dogs rawhide for years, and their teeth look amazing with all the chewing. These are my dogs’ favorite chews by far and we will remain customers as long as the Pet Factory keeps selling them.
my dogs are named Griffin (large black one, striped collar) Jillie (smaller black, turquoise collar) and Odin (brown puppy).
Nichola & Griffin, Jillie, and Odin