Carechewz® are handcrafted and made from USA-raised steers. These protein packed chews are made up of 100% Collagen from beefhide with your dog’s health and well-being in mind. What makes CareChewz® unique is Digest-a-Boost®, no other chew is faster or safer in digestion for your pet as confirmed by an independent lab. Collagen +Plus combines the health benefits of collagen with added nutrition and delicious flavor.

These chews are made with Chicken Protein Hydrolysate. It may sound scientific, but it incorporates everything your dog needs from a chew. The Hydrolysis process was originally developed for baby formula over 50 years ago, and is still a popular method. Hydrolyzed protein in dog food and chews is often developed for dogs that require a special diet. It is most commonly used to alleviate inflammatory bowel disease.


Certified more than 99% digestible by independent labs.

Much like our other beefhide products, we can guarantee our products are more than 99% digestible. The dog’s stomach is more than enough to handle our collagen products, especially after it has been treated with Digest-a-Boost®.

Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein.

Enzymatic Hydrolysis breaks down proteins (in this case allergenic proteins) into their component parts. Hydrolyzed proteins pose a minimized risk in causing an allergic reaction. However, all protein sources are effected different from hydrolysis. A chew with soy, potato, and chicken could have a less complete hydrolysis process than Carechewz +Plus which only uses chicken protein.

Packed with proteins and amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which in turn, are essential to all bodily processes. Animal products are traditionally the best source of protein, so hydrolysis breaks up those complex structures into their base amino acids to make digestion faster, and thus able to process more.

Helps to reduce inflammatory bowel disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is common in middle aged dogs and older, and many will need a specialized diet. Hyrdrolyzed proteins are often prescribed by veterinarians to ease a dog’s discomfort after a meal, and can help prevent future complications.

Antioxidants and nutrient absorption. 

A peptide is a chain of amino acids that forms with other chains to make a protein. Bioactive peptides have specialized roles such as forming antioxidant, immunomodulator, or antihypertensive chemicals. In general, they all help with the absorption of nutrients and make metabolism more efficient.

Highly palatable with no artificial preservatives.

With a delicious crunchy coating they’ll love and a chicken flavor marinated throughout, dogs will be sure to have a new favorite chew.