Ready – Set – Play

Logical Pet toys are made for all dogs that love to fetch, tug and play. These are safe colorful, durable toys that will entertain for hours.


Introducing, your dog’s new favorite toy! These interactive plush toys have exciting squeaker technology that makes playtime fun. Plush toys come in classic patterns and shapes made with premium tough materials that are built to last. Logical Pet toys promote interactive playtime activity, perfect for building a bond between you and your best friend.


These premium plush toys come in an exciting variety of cuddly critters and colorful characters. Flipsterz are twice the fun with 2 crazy contrasting friends to flip back and forth for extra fun and excitement in your interactive play with your pet. Along with being soft to hug and fun to tug, each toy comes with a full body squeaker that’s perfect for playtimes.

Available in Critter Flipsterz, Cuddle Flipsterz, and Fun Flipsterz


An interactive toy is any dog toy that you can use to play with your dog. Squeak it! Tug it! Toss it! It just so happens that these toys happen to be some of our most popular products.

Squeaky Sneakers: With two HUGE sneaker feet, goofy colorful characters and extra-large loud squeakers, these toys will get the attention and curiosity of any pup that wants to play. Braided rope and stretchy bungee legs make them tough and tuggable.

Tug & Chomp: These great new toys for dogs have a fun hide-n-seek pocket in their mouth that reveal a small squeaky toy. Pet parents can keep their pets engaged and at play by pulling, tugging and tossing this interactive toy. Pull the knotted rope to hide the squeaker, and entice your K-9 hunter to get it.


Rugged Toys are ideal for heavy chewers and active pups. Our spiked shape toys are perfectly designed for toss and retrieval. These toys will keep you and your best friend entertained for hours. Or if you’d prefer being up close and personal with your dog, try Tough and Tug. These tug toys have been strength tested up-to 350 lbs. The toys are made with ballistic nylon and double stitched plush to prevent them from tearing apart easily.


Lavender has the same soothing effect on dogs as it does humans. Lavender can be used to provide comfort and reduce separation anxiety.

Each Soft & Soothe toy has a pocket in its back for lavender packets, and comes with three non-toxic lavender replacements. And of course, they are just as pleasant and cuddly as they look.


Rubber dog bones and footballs are staples for being a dog owner. As is the classic game of fetch. We also offer tennis toys in surprising shapes and with a squeaker inside!