Employer’s Name: Pet Factory, LLC

Position Title: Product Innovation Manager

Position Duties: The Product Innovation Manager will manage the development and production of Pet Factory’s strategic products to establish Pet Factory’s US chewable dog treats market; Drive innovative offers and strategies to launch a new brand line of dog treats; Work closely with R&D, Top Suppliers, Production, Operations, Marketing, and Distribution Channel; Use business and technical skills to support Pet Factory’s growth by drawing insights from data, launch new products, manage production, and articulate with marketing and sales departments to ensure product success and market growth; Troubleshoot products and manufacturing issues and provide technical expertise and support to manufacturing, marketing, and sales, and  oversee all product operations to support sales performance and expansion; Develop and innovate products, including lead product development projects articulating R&D, Regulatory, Production, and Quality teams; Design process to scale projects from prototype to manufacturing, investigate and provide corrective action on manufacturing issues; Review regulatory requirements for our product, including FDA, AAFCO, and nutritional labeling; Coordinate with top suppliers of pet chewable treats located in the US, Central and South America. Negotiate or approve contracts and agreements; Track product budgets, R&D, production, inventories, and forecasting marketing sales trends; Ensure product specifications meet customer/business requirements and are communicated in the product claims. Work on manufacturing and process improvement; Drive improvement initiatives through process and system capabilities; Execute strategies that improve the reliability and quality standardization of the final product; Travel between production and fulfillment centers to verify procedures for in-spec manufacturing, storage, and handling our products; Implement and maintain balanced scored cards with strategic, tactical, and operative KPI’s.; Manage and strategize to develop long-term growth strategies and programs and implement objectives to reach Pet Factory’s organizational goals; Supervise production in local and abroad facilities; Evaluate and manage raw materials availability, inventory, and production planning; Coordinate international trade and supply chain; Create product budgets, including R&D, production, inventory, and marketing; Analyze financial statements, production reports, and other performance indicators; Present quarterly reports to the board of directors and investors.

Qualifications:  Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or related, or foreign equivalent degree. Two (2) years of experience in international product development. Experience must include at least: Two (2) years in rawhide alternative product development, project management in industrial facilities, use of Six Sigma Tools, and budget forecasting; Six (6) months in consumer-packaged goods, and  market-syndicated data analysis.  Job can be performed partially remotely, but at minimum 50% of the time must be in person at headquarters in Mundelein, IL 60060.  Must be willing to travel to domestic locations nationwide on a monthly basis, and international locations in Mexico, South America, and Asia, up to 4 times a year.

Location of Employment: Job can be performed partially remotely, but at minimum 50% of the time must be in person at headquarters in Mundelein, IL 60060.

Application submission: Any applicant who is interested in this position may submit a resume to the following e-mail for consideration: info@petfactory.com