Types of Chews: Best for:
American Beef-Hide Chews - USA
Made from U.S. feeder cattle, is considered the No 1 choice. It is the premium chew because of its consistency, softness and taste. Typically weights more by size. Displays a golden hue to a tan color.
Mostly healthy dogs, indoor and outdoor use.

Clear Basted American Beef-Hide - USA
Made from premium bones, flavored, but the color is removed. Prevents almost all noticeable staining.

Choosy dogs, indoor and outdoor use. Minimal staining.

American Basted Beef-Hide - USA
Dipping the chew in a chicken or beef coating makes it tastier to your dog. Most of the coatings are water soluble and can stain. Some claim to be carpet safe or non-staining … if it has color , it can stain.

Very, very choosy dogs. Recommended for outdoor use or color safe areas.
Ground Rawhide
(Thailand, Korea, China, Far East, South America )
These chews come in all shapes and colors and consist of ground rawhide held together with a binder. Colors are fast and can stain. Color additives must be of American origin or approved in order to pass customs for imports into USA.
Choosy dogs, dogs with sensitive mouths.
Need color safe area.
White Rawhide (Yellow)
(South America )
Range cow hide, little fat, white in color, color can be enhanced with chemical additive, sometimes found with yellow color additive.
Aggresive chewers, May need color safe area.
Brown Rawhide
(Far East .. Thailand, China, Korea, etc. )
Water buffalo skin, sun dried, glazy brown natural color . Dried skins are cut to size, rewetted partially, formed and set out for final sun drying again. Very light weight per size, typically hollow and tubular in appearance.
Non aggressive chewers Product is quickly consumed.
White Rawhide
(Far East ... Thailand, China, Korea, etc.)
Water buffalo skin, whitened with peroxide, sun dried, white color . Dried skins are cut to size, rewetted partially, formed and set out for final sun drying again. Light weight per size, typically hollow and tubular in appearance.
Non aggressive chewers Product is quickly consumed.
Pressed Rawhide
(Thailand, China, Far East)
Made from layer of skin pressed together by machine. It is very hard and will last longer due to greater time required by your dog to adequately moisten and penetrate.
Very aggressive chewers, Very hard product.


How does Pet Factory make those neat bones, rolls, donuts and pretzels???

The simplest way to explain the manufacture of dog chews is to picture a hide about the size and weight of a living room area rug measuring 8 feet square.

We rinse the hides in large vats to clean up the fats, oils, salts and grime.

The wet hides are wrung to remove excess water and we slap the moist hides on to special cutting tables. With the help of electric knives, rectangular pieces of varying sizes and special shapes are cut from certain portions of the hide. These shapes are forwarded to the tying department where the shapes are rolled and folded to create the various forms (Bones, Rolls, etc.).

The final shapes are placed on trays and are carried on carts to drying rooms that are temperature controlled to assure drying but not melting. Oh yes, rawhide will melt to a gel if the temperatures are high enough.

Basted items are made starting with dried bones that are dipped with a flavored coating and again dried in dry rooms. Our Clear Basted Bones contain coatings that have the color removed so that they are color safe for your rugs and couches.


Dog chews have an unlimited shelf life as long as they are not subjected
to moisture.

Keep your chews in a dry place or away from immediate moisture contact and your chews will be nice and tasty when you are ready to reward your pet.

After your pet has enjoyed the chew for a while, you could remove the chew and let it stand to become dry again, so that it is firm for the next time your pet is ready to enjoy the chew.

When the chew has been enjoyed down to a small portion, you may want to remove the remains if your pet tends to try to swallow or eat pieces that are just a little too big for the pet.

Rawhide munchy items are pulverized rawhide mixed with a binder and extruded to form various shapes. Your pet will chew and eat most of the munchy, which is normal. Again, simply keep the munchy items in a dry place. Sometimes, over time, a slight haze might form on the munchy which in many cases is the "flowering" of the pulverized materials. If the haze becomes moldy, then the product has taken on moisture and should not be used.

Rawhide bones have a low moisture content and therefore should not attract bugs while in storage. Basted products however, can and many times do, attract bugs as the flavoring is a food product. We recommend that your extra basted chews be stored in an air tight bag or jar in order to prevent attracting bugs.

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